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Have you ever suffered from Paralysis of Choice, sometimes known as choice overload? What's that, you ask? Paralysis of Choice is what happens when you are presented with too many options at once. Think of when you sit down on the couch to flick through Netflix and find yourself still scrolling through an hour later and not really knowing what to watch... That's Paralysis of Choice.

The same can happen with Podcasts. With so many being produced, across so many different ways of consumption, it can be easy to simply think; "Gah! This is too hard!" Fear not though, three of the VTWO crew are avid Podcast consumers, and have compiled a short list of their favourites.

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Dan's Favourites
How I Built This with Guy Raz by NPR
Too Embarrassed to Ask by Recode
Crime in Sports by PodcastOne
VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash (Language Warning)

Nick's Favourites
The Joe Rogan Podcast by Joe Rogan
Download This Show by ABC Radio National
Jalen & Jacoby by ESPN

Ryan's Favourites
Australian Design Radio by Australian Design Radio
The Osher Günsberg Podcast by Osher Günsberg
The Jocko Podcast by Jocko Willink & Echo Charles
The Joe Rogan Podcast by Joe Rogan
Ain't that Swell by Ain't that Swell Surf Radio (Language Warning)