Carmen Barry's story.

"Hi there!

I am raising money for blood cancer by shaving my head. I would love it if you can sponsor me so we can help give families the emotional and practical support they need when faced with the devastating news.

My goal is to raise $560 which helps a regional family with accommodation and costs for treatment in the city. When my Dad had Hodgkin's Lymphoma (twice came back after the first chemotherapy treatment) it meant weeks away from home, a 4 hour drive from Melbourne. So if we can raise enough money for other regional families (more than 1 would be amazing) I would love it!

Thank you x"

Now, we thought we'd help Carmen get a few more dollars for such a great cause. So, we decided to create a short film when she shaved her head. Brilliant.

Watch to the end to see her reaction, priceless.

Donate to Carmen: click here.

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