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In addition to our ongoing role of media, content creation and strategy for Puka Up, we documented the inaugural Puka Up Suicide Prevention Bike Ride in March of this year.

The 1,433km ride from Sydney to Melbourne aimed to raise awareness with the goal to stop suicide, an outcome of a crisis that claimed 2,866 Australian lives in 2016.

VTWO's Dan Wilkins; "Puka Up is not just something we market; it's something we believe. 2,866 lives lost is an incredible statistic. It's unacceptable. Stopping the stigma around mental health is a necessity. We all need to do our best to create safe spaces for people to be genuine and authentic regarding how they feel."

As well as photography and platform management, a nightly series, The Daily Wrap was created, edited and released by VTWO. Watch here

Herald Sun
Shepparton News
Multisport Magazine article by VTWO co-founder, Dan Wilkins

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